Patient FAQ

The visit

What do I need to bring with me when I come to the office?

  • Medicine in original bottles (including over the counter) or a list of medicine with dosage and instructions for taking it.
  • Pharmacy name and phone number.
  • Any reports pertaining to the reason for your visit: any x-ray films, CT Scan films, Insurance card, co-pay.

How long will this visit last?

For new patients please allow 2 hours - this is for testing and seeing physician
For follow up visit allow 1 hour.

Can my family come back when I am called?

Please allow time to talk with your physician one-on-one. This gives us a chance to provide personalized care and efficiently run tests. We will have your family members join you (at your request) after an initial one-on-one consultation.

If I have blood work scheduled, should I refrain from eating certain foods and/or drinking certain beverages?

Only if the physician has provided instructions for you to do so.

Do I need to bring my oxygen with me?

If you are on oxygen then, yes. We also recommend that you make sure you have extra bottles with you. WE DO NOT REFILL OXYGEN BOTTLES IN OUR OFFICE.


  1. If you do not bring an x-ray with you we can do one in our office.
  2. What do I wear?
    If you have buttons, zippers or designs on your shirts we will give you a gown to wear.
  3. Can I wear jewelry?
    Any jewelry around your neck or chest could interfere with the x-ray (i.e. necklaces, brooches, etc). We may ask that you remove any jewelry until after your x-ray is finished. Women may be asked if they are expecting and special shielding may be required.
  4. I am pregnant, what now?
    Shielded will be provided and patients will only take one picture.
  5. If I recently had an x-ray completed, do I need to have another?
    And will insurance cover the cost? If you bring the x-ray film with you or if we receive a written report from the physician's office where the x-ray was completed, then you may not need to have another x-ray done at our office.
  6. How much is too much radiation?
    The radiation you receive in the office is very little. You will get more radiation exposure from the sun during your lifetime.


Do you have vending machines?

Not in this building. There is a pharmacy located in the Plaza area (6th Floor) within walking distance.

Medical Records

How long does it take to receive a copy of medical records?

Once we receive a valid signed release, we have up to 30 days to comply with the request.

Is there a charge for obtaining a copy of my medical records?

Yes. We follow state guidelines that allow us to charge a retrieval fee of $5, $1 per page for the first 25 pages, then $.25 per page thereafter, and the actual cost of postage if they are being mailed.

If I'm referred to an outside physician or specialist, how do I get notes from my previous visit at Pulmonary Associates?

We do not charge for sending the most recent notes and test results to a physician that is continuing your care. If, however, there is another transfer of care, we do charge for those records per guidelines listed above.

Can I have the records faxed to me at home?

Yes, once we receive payment. AND you specify on your release that you agree to have the information faxed and the fax number.

Can I have the records emailed to me?

No. We do not currently provide a secure site for the exchange.


Parking in front of the building is limited. However, there is covered parking adjacent to our building, within convenient distance to our office. Cost for parking here is $3.00 regardless of the amount of time. And we apologize, but we are not able to provide parking validation.