The diversity of neighborhoods is something you’ll notice immediately about Birmingham. This city isn’t some concrete jungle with everyone meshed together in one single area. It’s a city made of communities that have their own character, one-of-a-kind local businesses, and residents that will tell you their part of town is the best.

Nearby our office located in Trinity Medical Center, you have Crestwood and Avondale whose homes are mix of new and historic, a little further, you’ll see an urban renaissance unfolding as Downtown goes through a restoration and buildings are renovated for urban-dwelling, just down I-65 you will find the quintessential American dream in the suburbs of Hoover and Mountain Brook.

Each of these areas have their own forms of entertainment, live events throughout the year, golf courses, nationally recognized restaurants and bars, and unique music scene.

Birmingham is a city where you’ll find something new and surprising to love everyday. You could live here 20 years, raise a family and make a career then discover something you’ve never heard of to fall in love with.

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