Patient FAQ's

The Visit


If you do not bring an x-ray with you we can do one in our office.

  • What do I wear?

    If you have buttons, zippers or designs on your shirts we will give you a gown to wear.

  • Can I wear jewelry?

    Any jewelry around your neck or chest could interfere with the x-ray (i.e. necklaces, brooches, etc). We may ask that you remove any jewelry until after your x-ray is finished. Women may be asked if they are expecting and special shielding may be required.

  • I am pregnant, what now?

    Shielding will be provided and we will take only one picture. 

  • If I recently had an x-ray completed, do I need to have another?

    Please bring your recent film with you. Our physicians may require a new x-ray to be performed, but only if it is medically necessary.

  • How much is too much radiation?

    The radiation you receive in the office is very little. You will get more radiation exposure from the sun during your lifetime.


  • Are food and drinks allowed in the office?

    NO. Please be respectful of our patients and staff and do not bring food or drinks into the office. There is a vending machine on the first floor on your way out. And the hospital cafeteria is within walking distance.

  • What is available for parking?

    Parking is located in the Physician Plaza parking deck accessible on the side of the building and the front of the building. See the map. The Physician Plaza elevators located in the parking deck will take you directly to our office on the 5th floor.

  • Can my parking ticket be validated?

     NO. Unfortunately, we do not validate parking tickets. Parking is FREE the first hour then increasing increments to a maximum of $4.00.

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